New To Sheffield?

Water bills are sent out the first week of February, April, June, August, October and December (all the even months - 2,4,6,8,10,12), they cover a two month period.  They are due on the 20th of that month.  Bills may be paid at the Village drop box, Sheffield Banking Center, or by mail. Any bill not paid by the 20th is subject to a 10% finance charge and any bill over fifteen days past due will be subject to shut off.


Renters are required to pay a deposit of $125.00.


Garbage pick up is Friday.  You are allowed two 30 gallon containers with a limit of 40 pounds each. If you have more than this, you can purchase stickers for $5.00 for 4 stickers (minimum of 5 stickers) at Royal Super Market (grocery store) or the Sheffield Banking Center.


Clean up days in Sheffield are usually in April and October.  These are posted in the bank, grocery store, and the post office.


Town-wide Garage Sales are the last Saturday of April and September.  Watch for sign up sheets in the grocery store.  There is no charge for being listed on the map.